An expert has revealed a 'time-saving' cleaning hack that makes cleaning your oven ' a breeze'.

Often one of those neglected appliances in the kitchen, cleaning the oven is a chore that fills many households with dread. 

From food particles to grime, getting your oven clean is not an easy task - and once it's done, it gets dirty again far too quickly.

However, a home expert has now shared a handy hack that will reportedly get your oven clean "in record time" and it costs 8p a go.

How to clean an oven

Terry Fisher, of, said: “Cleaning the oven is one job everyone puts off and over time it can make it even harder to get rid of the stubborn stains and grease,” 

“There are lots of ways to clean your oven but most usually involve excessive scrubbing which is not only tiring, but can leave scratches behind too.

“Dishwasher tablets contain enzymes, detergents and other cleaning ingredients which are combined to break down tough grease and food from dishes. 

“But these ingredients make them great for other big cleaning chores too, including the dreaded oven, making the job a breeze.”

You should also remove any loose crumbs or dirt before you begin your deep clean, according to Terry.

For ease, he recommends taking out your shelves also.

The home expert added: “Grab a dishwasher tablet, it doesn’t need to be an expensive one, wet a sponge with warm water and then rub the tablet over the oven with the sponge. 

“Make sure you wear gloves as some ingredients could be damaging to skin. 

“The water from the sponge and the tablet should form a paste which you can coat the oven in.

"I’d then leave this for 20-30 minutes to allow the active ingredients to get to work and rinse out your sponge so you can use it to wipe the paste off. 

The expert noted that some areas might need a little more scrubbing, but you should find the dishwasher tablet has taken a lot of the hard work out of it.

The dishwasher tablets might already be in your cupboard at home but you'll find them at major supermarkets.

For instance, Terry notes that Tesco sells a pack of 40 for £3.39 which means the time-saving hack costs only 8p a time. 

Other major retailers have their own versions including a pack of 30 at Sainsbury's for £3.10 and a 30 pack from Asda for £4.

The expert points out that a clean oven not only improves your cooking but also the overall feel of your kitchen.

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The specialist also shared that it can be a crucial detail if you’re looking to sell your home. 

“When viewing your home, potential buyers will pay attention to everything. Your dirty oven can be a red flag for the rest of the house and the kitchen is a room many buyers focus on,” Terry explained. 

“And if you have sold your house with an integrated oven, then cleaning it is essential for the next person moving in.”