One Primark shopper has shared eight items in her basket that she picked up for £5 or less each.

Elish Stout-Cairns, a bargain hunter from Newcastle, spoke to the money-saving community where she gave them a peak at her top picks.

 “Primark is my go-to on the high street when it comes to affordable fashion and homeware," Elish commented.

The savvy shopper added: "I’ve seen people online saying it’s gotten pricier the last few years, but you can still find bargains if you know what to look out for”.

Witney Gazette: One Primark shopper has shared eight items in her basket that she picked up for £5 or less each. ( PA)One Primark shopper has shared eight items in her basket that she picked up for £5 or less each. ( PA) (Image: PA)

Tom Church, Co-founder of Latest Deals commented, “Eilish has shown that even with recent price hikes, you can still find major bargains at your favourite shops.

"From beauty dupes to gift ideas, there’s plenty of choice for under £5. When you compare her finds to similar products from other brands, Eilish managed to save a whopping £130 on these eight items by switching to Primark”.

Here are the eight items that she recommended, how much it cost her and what she saved from buying the high street finds over luxury designer labels.

Primark shopper shares 8 items she bought for £5 or less each

Controlling Shaper Leggings

Cost - £5

Saving - £60  (compared to Skims)

“Not only are the Controlling Shaper Leggings a great price at just £5, they’re also a dupe for Kim Kardashian’s brand Skims," Elish said.

She pointed out: "The Skims Support Leggings are a whopping £68, so the Primark alternative is more than £60 cheaper”.

Trainer Socks 7 Pack

Cost - £3.50

Saving - £7.50  ( compared to Nike)

“I think socks, underwear and pyjamas are categories Primark does really well. For the basics, you don’t need to spend a lot, and their Trainer Socks are a great example of that.

"They’re £3.50 for a pack of 7, and they have loads of colours. I recently found this pack of strawberry-themed ones. I compared the price to a 3 pack of ankle socks from Nike, which cost a whopping £11 at Amazon. So, you’re saving £7.50 and getting an extra 4 pairs”.

Square Scented Candles

Cost - £1.80

Saving  - £1.70 ( compared to Yankee)

Elish has recommended Primark’s Square Candles calling them a "great option" over the popular Yankee Candle brand.

The bargain hunter commented: "They’re only £1.80 each and come in a few scents, including Cotton, Black Vanilla and Linen.

"Small Jar Candles from Yankee Candles start from £3.50, so the Primark ones work out at around half the price”.

Quilted Initial Purse

Cost - £4

Saving - £6 (compared to Accessorize)

For people looking for a new purse, or even a budget Birthday present for a friend, Elish recommends the Quilted Initial Purses.

She describes them as "ideal" for £4 each.

The shopper continued: "They come in black or cream, and you can choose your initial. Accessorize actually does a similar Initial Coin Purse for £10.

"However, not only is it £6 more expensive, it also doesn’t have any compartments for cards, so the Primark one is definitely better value for money”.


Cost - £3.50

Saving - £12.50 ( compared to Anthropologie)

“If, like me, you have an unhealthy addiction to buying mugs, Primark has a surprisingly good selection," the Primark fan said.

The customer continued: "Recent favourite finds of mine include a Sunflower Mug and Orange Mug for £3.50 each.

"I think they look just like the Anthropologie Mugs which can cost as much as £16 per mug”.

Harry Potter Wand Pen

Cost - £1.50

Saving £13.49  ( compared to WH Smith)

“Primark might not be your first thought when it comes to stationery, but they have a great selection of quirky pens and notebooks," according to Elish.

She said: "For example, as part of their Harry Potter-themed range, they have Wand Pens for £1.50.

"For reference, WH Smith sells a practically identical pen for £14.99 - crazy! So £1.50 seems like a steal to me”.

Stitch Baby Joggers

Cost - £3.50

Saving - £10.50 ( compared to M&S)

The savvy shopper also recommended looking at the kid's section for bargains.

She explained: "I find that some of their outfit sets can be a little pricey, but for sleepsuits, joggers, summer dresses and t-shirts, you can find some real gems. Recently I spotted a pair of Stitch Baby Joggers for just £3.50.

"A similar pair of Blue Baby Joggers at M&S costs £14, so for a pair with a Disney Character print, Primark’s are great value”.

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Cream Blusher

Cost - £3.50

Saving - £17.50 ( compared to Rare Beauty)

“If you’re on a budget, I really recommend the Primark beauty section," Elish said.

She added: "They have loads of buys for under a fiver, and lots of dupes for designer products. One of my favourites is their Cream Blusher, which is a dupe for Selena Gomez’s brand, Rare Beauty.

"The Rare Beauty Melting Blushers are £21 each. The ones from Primark are only £3.50”.