WE may have no game today, but there’s still plenty of football to watch.

I’m down in Plymouth this afternoon to see them play Burton, because we face them both soon and having a blank weekend gives me the opportunity to watch them first hand.

Then I’ll be back tonight and ready for tomorrow, where there are two really important games of football for the club.

The first is the women’s game against Swindon in the League Cup, which kicks off at 12.

I’ll be there to enjoy that one and I know a number of the first team are joining me as well.

You hear us talk about our ‘one club’ mentality a lot, but it does actually mean something.

Days like tomorrow allow us to really show that we’re all wearing the same badge and supporting each other.

One little story from this week may help explain that a little bit.

We played on Tuesday night and now have a blank weekend, so I allowed a few of the players some time off.

The women were due to face Hounslow on Wednesday and that gave their captain Lauren Haynes a problem, because she coaches the girls academy and they had training on the same night.

So, she rang me and asked if I fancied doing some coaching in her place!

I always like to coach at different levels and age groups and volunteered immediately, and really enjoyed working with the girls at the training ground.

Before you ask, Lauren turned up too! That’s brilliant from her, because she knew we had the session covered but she wasn’t going to miss it if she could.

Typically, she’ll play for the women then rush to the Kassam Stadium for 3pm to play in the Micky Lewis memorial game as well.

Has anyone ever played for City and United in the same afternoon?

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That should be a really good game – the names from the past that are coming to pay their respects and play is incredible.

I look forward to standing alongside them to salute an amazing man, who was loved by everyone involved in football across Oxfordshire.

Can I make a plea?

If you’re missing your football today then just move it back 24 hours and come and watch one of the two games with me, or both if you can.

It would mean so much to us to see fans supporting the women’s team and then giving a club legend the send-off he deserves.

Tuesday was a difficult night for us in the Papa John’s Trophy and Stevenage fully deserved their win at the Kassam Stadium.

OK, it may not be the end of the world to lose a group game in that competition, but any defeat hurts us and I was pretty angry at the final whistle.

I can accept defeat if we perform well, but too many players fell below the standards we demand from anyone who pulls on the yellow shirt.

The good thing is that those players have time to reflect and bounce back, before we report for training again on Monday and prepare for two big home matches.