THE quiet streets of one Oxfordshire village have been brightened up this week by a procession of runners in fancy dress.

Everything from Buzz Lightyear and Robin Hood, to an oompa loompa and SpongeBob SquarePants have been spotted.

But it is all for a good cause, as Tackley United have joined the clubs raising money for charity in the absence of football.

Ben Fouracre, manager of the Upper Thames Valley League side, did his run dressed as a traffic cone.

He said: “We have seen other teams doing things for charity.

“The whole reason for the fancy dress when we were running through Tackley was just to make people smile.

“At the moment it’s a bit doom and gloom, so we wanted to put a fun twist on it. It seemed to go pretty well.

“When things are all over with the lockdown we will get everyone together in their fancy dress and we’ll run through the village together.”

About 30 players are due to take part in the 5km challenge, which is expected to finish today.

Their initial £500 target was smashed early on and the total now stands at £2,300.

It will be split between NHS charities and community projects in Tackley.

To donate, follow this link.