Sir – As manager of Marriotts Walk Shopping Centre, I was disappointed with inaccuracies in the article about Witney Farmers’ Market move.

When I agreed for the market to come here it was only to save Witney from losing it altogether.

I had been approached by the market manager who was desperate to find a home for the market on a Friday. In an attempt to increase falling footfall, the stallholders had insisted on changing the day the market was held but were turned down by the council.

Unfortunately, I was not asked for a comment, otherwise I would have said that the move to Marriotts Walk was only ever a temporary one on a fixed-term licence and would have avoided the negativity in the article.

It should be noted that, as a measure of goodwill, the market is not being held to the licence it signed, which had two months left.

It’s good to see that, at last, the market is being advertised. I wish the stallholders every success back in their old home.

Lynne Shawyer, Marriotts Walk Shopping Centre, Witney