Sir – As a recently-arrived resident of Burford, I have been puzzled to see, when walking down Witney Street and on, past the water meadows, how much plastic rubbish litters the verges up to where the road joins the A40.

Do ramblers and dog walkers really drop flower pots, plastic trays, coat hangers, bags and sacks ?

The mystery is now solved.

On more than one occasion I have witnessed the recycling lorry leaving the town along that road. The shutters on the side bins are open and, as it legitimately gathers speed, plastic rubbish flies out on to the road.

Full plastic sacks hanging on the outside of the vehicle snag on overhanging branches and spill their contents.

Our recycling crews work so hard in some appalling weather. It seems a great shame that their good work is so quickly undone.

Jenny Tarbox, Orchard Rise, Burford