Sir – By now everyone should have had their bins emptied. I have spoken to a number of neighbours who waited patiently since the January snow for their next collection.

As a councillor I see my role as representing people at the council, not the other way round.

This time it is only fair to recognise the efforts made to empty bins amid the snow. Most got emptied. The trouble is, if yours didn’t, that is not much of a comfort.

There is no easy way to reorganise a collection once it is missed. That's why the council team, while trying to help, offered advice rather than a new date.

It isn't possible to switch green and grey days as the collection schedule is planned for maximum efficiency.

If there is a missed collection, use the green bin, if possible, for extra grey bin waste. The tip is open if you want to make the journey with extra bags. Smelly waste should, by and large, be in the food caddy. If you still have problems, call the council.

Our aim should be to cut rubbish to a minimum – not easy in these days of impenetrable packaging. The council needs to encourage this, while keeping homes and streets clean. Over time we can cut waste.

Duncan Enright, West Oxfordshire district councillor, Witney East ward