Sir – Oxfordshire County Council will shortly be deciding which local bus routes it wants to fund for the next six years.

Although the official public consultation has closed, we don’t yet know the results.

Could I please make a final attempt to safeguard my local 213/214 Witney circular bus route?

This bus service is a vital lifeline for many residents, particularly elderly and disabled people who live at Cogges and Madley Park.

It enables them to get into town to do their shopping, visit the doctor’s surgery, call in at the library or even just get out and about for a few hours each day.

Isolation and loneliness is a growing problem for some elderly residents which will only be made worse if their transport is taken away.

The bus also enables many students to get to and from Wood Green School each day.

Some bus routes simply won’t make a profit but the 213/214 remains a vital public service which is well used and must be retained.

Alfred Fullah, Judds Close, Witney