Sir – Witney MP and Prime Minister David Cameron has decided to ‘dash for gas’ and frack at full speed.

He says that people unhappy about this “hydrocarbon fuel-based” future are just “irrational or religious”.

A BP report is published almost simultaneously. This states that this dash for gas will not reduce prices long term. But it also states that it will take us all into catastrophic climate change. Irretrievably.

That’s what BP thinks about the dash for gas policy.

Note to Mr Cameron, then: Do you think BP is “irrational and religious” on this subject? Don’t you think the company might be rather expert?

If BP thinks the dash for gas is going to be pointless and lethal, should you not reconsider?

We all remember when you told us that yours would be the greenest government ever, or was that just “green c**p”?

From a grandparent in despair.

Hugo Kerr, Vanner Road, Witney