Sir – In April 2012, we received a decision from West Oxfordshire District Council refusing an application to build one dwelling in our garden.

The reasons given were as follows:

  • The house will appear incongruous and a dominant addition to the area
  • It would further erode the linear character of this part of Brize Norton
  • It may put undue pressure on the highway network.

Exactly one year ago (February 2013), our appeal against this decision was similarly refused, for the following reasons:

  • Most new housing will take place in the main towns and the least in villages, Group A settlements, such as Brize Norton
  • The proposed house would extend the built-up area towards open countryside land
  • The effect would be to further urbanise the locality to the detriment of the open and rural character.

One year later, in February 2014, West Oxfordshire District Council is set to consider an application by Christ Church, Oxford, for 700 houses in fields within Brize Norton parish (not East Carterton, as described).

In view of the reasons so clearly given to us last year, I can only assume that their deliberations will be short.

After all, if one extra house raises so many concerns, think what 700 houses will do to further urbanise the locality, be incongruous and a dominant addition to the area and cause undue pressure on the highway.

The planning committee will have an easy task in refusing such an application!

Jane Pilbeam (Mrs), Burford Road, Brize Norton