Sir – In the UK, we used to drive on the left side of the road, now we drive on what is left of the road.

A while back I reported a deep pothole in Hanborough Road, Eynsham.

A month later, two potholes about two metres further north from the one I reported had been filled and repaired, yet ‘my’ pothole was still untouched.

I noticed, last Sunday, the hole had become wider, due to all the rain, I guess.

I immediately went to the website Fix My Street and pinpointed this troublesome pothole. I soon received an email reference number, but the county council had no record of my earlier reported pothole and asked me for the reference number.

The first report on this new web page was not answered in the way this later report was answered.

Are we to assume that, Oxfordshire County Council highways department is reliant on the public keeping all records of reported highway faults?

My guess is that, under extreme pressure to get more potholes repaired, this website was opened prematurely before staff had been trained in how to deal with public reports.

It seems to me there is too much talking and not enough action, or too many chiefs and not enough Indians and hence council hands-on labour does not know what is a priority to repair.

Adrian Taylor, Duncan Close, Eynsham