Sir – A proposed £123m flood relief channel around Oxford is good news, but hopefully an additional river dredging programme will be considered too.

Prime Minister and Witney MP David Cameron said there was a “strong case” for the relief flood channel and funds are hopefully being made available.

That’s welcome news for anyone who’s been affected by the damaging floods.

Botley Road and Abingdon Road in Oxford have taken the brunt, but closer to home in Witney, West Oxfordshire District Council’s environment cabinet member David Harvey is looking into solutions to the problem (maybe issuing everyone with a canoe would help?).

But joking aside, admittedly we’ve had record rainfall but river dredging – so sadly neglected in the past – is obviously part of a bigger picture (if there’s more room in the river due to dredging – there’s less water in fields – thus lessening flood damage – it’s a no-brainer).

Years of neglect of our treasured river networks is, I’m sure, a major factor in the recent floods.

In tandem with ill-thought-out house building on flood plain land – unfortunately, he who pays the piper, calls the tune.

Furthermore, Britain is quick to help others in need and that’s to our credit.

On the other side of the coin, however, is it good sense donating aid to other countries while Rome burns?

The Prime Minister’s positive stance on flooding can only be encouraging in light of recent events.

David Tinson, Moorland Road, Witney