Sir – Six years ago, I fell foul of a speed camera in Chipping Norton.

The result was a £60 fine and three points on my licence. I didn’t like it, but it was fair: justice was done.

Six weeks ago, I was knocked off my bike on a roundabout in Witney by a car that simply didn’t notice me (visibility was good and I was clad in red helmet, fluorescent yellow jacket, pillar-box red trousers and white trainers).

In the accident, I suffered multiple abrasions, a black eye and needed 12 stitches in my knee.

Since then I have been unable to use my car.

I have returned three times every week to the surgery to have the dressings changed.

I have had to be taught how to walk properly.

I cannot ride or run and, when walking, I lurch with the grace of a hamstrung crab.

Then came the letter from the police: the driver was to receive a warning about driving without due care and attention.

Just a warning – no points, no penalties and no fine.

Justice? Don’t make me laugh.

Bob Forster, Shipton-under-Wychwood