Sir – It is always a lovely feeling when reading some good news about our beautiful town.

When I heard that the wonderful news of Tower Hill’s recent Ofsted report was being celebrated on the Witney Gazette website, I couldn’t wait to read the article.

However, the website chose possibly the worst headline to convey the good news.

Rather than focusing on the success of the school, the website put a pessimistic slant on the news and chose the headline ‘Tower Hill no longer among country’s worst primary schools’.

I found this a very disappointing start to the article, which continued to disappoint which such statements as “a primary school that was once dubbed the fourth worst in the country is on its way to turning things around”.

I would argue that the school has already turned things around.

I hope the next time there is good news to share, the headline reflects it. Well done, Tower Hill.

William Harte, High Street, Witney