Sir – I was looking forward very much to my first visit to the historic town of Witney, famous for having the Prime Minister, David Cameron, as its MP.

Sad to say, my impression of Witney from the afternoon I spent watching the cricket match at The Leys was far below my expectations.

Almost as soon as the match started, a group (mainly girls), stood up from where they had been sitting and walked straight into the cricketing area.

We asked them politely to walk around the boundary explaining that they were holding up the game and might be in danger, only to have abuse thrown at us.

They left rubbish which I actually collected, much to the embarrassment of the home team supporters, which included cigarette ends, matches, a cigarette lighter, plastic cups with straws and waste food.

The boys in the skate park used foul language and their littering increased as they drank bottles of lager hidden under the skate slope. They were also smoking and again left their litter behind.

I spoke to one of the local cricket team players, who told me that this antisocial behaviour is a regular occurrence but there is nothing they can do.

A police patrol car drove along the road but they merely turned and drove off.

Throughout the afternoon, groups left circles of rubbish behind them for the scavenging birds.

I would urge the council and police to be more vigilant and implement the £80 littering fine more forcefully.

If I had been a foreign tourist I would have been absolutely appalled, as it would be a very sad reflection on our country.

Perhaps David Cameron’s Big Society, which I fully support, should start at home.

Anne Small, Penshurst, Harlow