Sir – It was interesting to read your recent report (Gazette, July 23) and readers’ letters about a proposal to allow cars to park on pavements in Corn Street in Witney.

I would like to know when cars became more important than people.

Here in Brize Norton we have had this problem for two or three years and the councils refuse to do anything about it.

They say as long as you can get past with a small buggy, then it is not an obstruction.

In whose opinion?

Certainly not people in wheelchairs or on mobility scooters or blind people.

And certainly not in my opinion, when I struggle to get along the pavement when I come off the bus with a bag of shopping in each hand.

Back in March my cousin came to visit me. She travelled from Milwaukee, in the US, all the way to Brize Norton, and the only problem she had was when she got to the village and got off the bus and had to walk in the road with her suitcase.

Pavements are for people.

Carol Faulkner, Daubigny Mead, Brize Norton